IMBYism – Our Solution to the Housing Crisis


Not only can PODPASSIV provide a speedy, quality solution for affordable sustainable housing, but also a multiple of additional benefits and opportunities could be generated.

IMBYism, in my back yard ism, does exactly what it says on the tin!

If PODPASSIV were considered to provide fast up affordable sustainable housing, it would stimulate the UK manufacturing sector, provide nationwide employment, stimulate exports, take care of the elderly, reduce illegal back garden occupation, meet targets for CO2 reduction and kick start the UK economy!

There are two scenarios that could adopt this strategy.

  • Utilising large back gardens for private rental where a side entrance is available.
  • A land lease scheme of brownfield sites for between 10-100 years.

Back gardens could be privately developed by their owners to provide small units for rental to private tenants, funded by green loans against equity in their homes. A tax-free income period would need to be established to allow payback for the installation and purchase costs, suggest 3-5 years?

Brownfield sites could be made available under a land lease scheme by their owners to be used either for private or social tenant communities of between 10-100 years.

The flat pack nature of the homes means they can be moved with ease on expiration of the land leases and relocated or sold on for homeless shelters or international Aid purposes, taking a cradle to grave approach.

The Benefits!

  • A nationwide influx of private and affordable rental properties could be provided in a matter of months
  • A kick-start to regional manufacturing in areas where unemployment and housing requirements go hand in hand, by implementing local manufacturing plants.
  • Job creation and training which would address better working conditions, health and safety monitoring by off-site manufacturing
  • A much needed boost of income to homeowners allowing repayment of debt which in this current economic climate is likely to be unpaid
  • Export revenues would be received from housing bought for use outside the UK
  • An option for the elderly to move into monitored like-minded safe communities freeing up large under used properties for larger families. Level access of the homes address mobility issues
  • A cost effective solution for homeless shelters which reduces the high cost of housing benefit currently being paid to private and hotel landlords
  • Education in sustainable technologies through “learning by living”
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions in line with Government targets
  • Home swap schemes to increase employment mobility
  • A strengthening of the UK economy through additional monetary circulation
  • Increase of sales in the sustainable supply sector, resulting in price reduction of sustainable technologies needed to build out permanent housing in line with governments targets for zero carbon housing by 2016, which is currently too expensive to build out.
  • The burden on councils to build out the current level of housing required would be eased, leaving larger budgets to build our compliant homes or invest in other local priorities
  • Allow regulation of illegal back garden renting through sustainable housing options
  • Stabilisation of inflated and exorbitant rents due to increase in supply
  • Availability of start up homes for the first time buyers market
  • Empowerment of the UK public, allowing them to “help themselves”
  • Support for government from backing innovation. The result of such a scheme would produce a strengthened economy benefiting all its residents
  • Protection of green belt areas
  • A model of housing that could be replicated outside the UK promoting British innovation
  • Supply of homes in the future to third world countries
  • Keep communities together and support local businesses

We welcome your feedback, support or comments.  Please post your comments on our Facebook page or bottom of this post.


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